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From watching London 2012 to being part of Birmingham 2022

T en years ago, London 2012 set my pedals turning.  That was really the first time I can remember watching cycling on the television. I watched - or listened - to pretty much every sport in that magical summer but it was the women on wheels who inspired my own journey. I dug out an old bicycle from the back of our shed, inflated the tyres and set off. Since then, I've ridden in Europe, Africa, India and USA. I've covered tens of thousands of miles and helped hundreds of women enjoy cycling through my role as a Breeze Champion. I've made wonderful friends and had the very best adventures. I've fallen in a heap, waded through floods with my bike on my shoulder and ridden into wind so strong I almost went backwards.  And I've loved every minute. So when the opportunity came to volunteer to be a part of Commonwealth Games that could inspire others to free their dusty bicycles from the back of the shed and take to the open road, I didn't hesitate. This summer, I

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